We Are Planting!


2020 Plant Season

Our Greenhouses will be open around May 1, 2020 (weather permitting). A list of available plants and their prices are located in the photo gallery section. If you would like to place an order please call, text or email me and you can pick when your plants are ready!

About Us


Family Owned

Family Owned

Family Owned

Johnny & Jennifer Patton

What started as "Let's grow our own plants for our garden" lead to "Let's grow these fabulous plants for everyone else's garden!"


Est. 2007

Family Owned

Family Owned

My father Pete Lehmann has been instrumental to our success over the years. If you happpen to catch him sitting down, our dog Gizmo will be on his lap!


And Operated

Family Owned

And Operated

We couldn't do all this without the dedication and loyalty of my lifelong best friend Amy!

What we do...


From Seeds...

From Seeds...

From Seeds...

We start all of our vegetables from seed.


To Growth...

From Seeds...

From Seeds...

Our baby annual plugs turn into beautiful flowers that last all season!


To Harvest...

From Seeds...

To Harvest...

From seed to farm stand...homegrown start to finish.

Our Farm Seasons



  • It's our favorite time of year! We love watching all of our seeds grow into beautiful plants and get them ready to transfer to your garden. Growing up with natural sunlight makes the plants strong and healthy, more productive and gives you a quite bountiful harvest.
  • We have significantly increased the amount of gorgeous annual flowers we carry. We also have lovely flower baskets that we create with our annuals here so they are one of a kind!


Summertime Farm Stand

  • Mmmmmm....homegrown Veggies!! Tomatoes, Peppers, Green Beans, Potatoes, Sweet corn, Squash and More!! Everything is grown right in our back yard without using chemicals for pest or weed control...just lots of labor of love for healthy goodness!
  • We are a working farm so this time of year we are also in the fields planting or harvesting crops and baling hay. Stopping by you will see a lot of old farm equipment that still does the job!



  • Ah yes...campfire weather is upon us...the pumpkin patch is bright orange...the corn stalks are drying up...the Mums are in full bloom...all ready for your autumn decor!
  • A time to be thankful for the support of friends and family. We are especially grateful for our loyal customers that return year after year and the new people we have met along the way and hope to see again!

Plants are our specialty...


Tomato Plants

This year we have 38 varieties of tomato plants! 11 years ago we only grew 10...we keep the varieties that do well (which is the majority!) and always find new ones to try each year. We carry all sizes from cherry tomatoes up to 2-3# whoppers, colors and many heirlooms.


Pepper Plants

We now have 21 varities of pepper plants! All levels of sweet and heat ranging from sweet banana all the way up to one of the hottest peppers in the world...The Carolina Reaper!



The flavor boost for any dish! There's nothing like cutting your own fresh herbs to add to your homegrown vegetables! 

We have Basil, Lemon Basil, Cinnamon Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Cilantro and Parsley available this year.

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Crooked Pine Farm & Garden

27272 W. Rte. 173, Antioch, IL 60002

Jennifer 630-726-7997 crookedpinefarmandgarden@yahoo.com

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